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Camping and cottages

Our Sunndalsford Camping spot is a quiet campsite as close as you can get to the fjord, in a scenic location. There are pitches on the grass and a state-of-the-art sanitary facility. Our alpine camping site is all about being close to nature and still enjoying camping facilities that are comfortable and convenient. We offer everything a nature-lover would hope to find. The immense range of leisure activities at the campsite and in the surroundings enable you to shape your camping or caravan holiday exactly how you want it to be!

Next to the campsite, we have two cottages available for rent. You can find more pictures and info about them in here: the Salmon Cottage (6-7 persons) and the Deer Cottage (4-5 persons).

The cabins seen from the fjord

The sanitary facility of our small campsite

Fredsvikelva which flows out at Laksehytta / superior

Deer cottage

Parking space for motorhomes and tents

View over the Tingvolfjord

On a trip to the seats :)


Horse riding

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