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About us

Welcome to Fredsvik, a farm that has been in the same family since 1608 with old houses, a pleasant atmosphere and cheerful guests


We are Bjørn and Perly who took over the family farm after Bjørn's uncle John Bjarne in 1985. Bjørn's mother Anne was born here. We have 5 children and 4 grandchildren, 4 horses, 6 chickens, 1 rooster and 5 cats. We used to have cows, sheep and geese and were best known as the Larkins family.

We started with milk production and sheep but now Dagros and the bell sheep are exchanged with tourists from all over the world all year round.

Here we live peacefully, and you can see the light from our neighbour houses on the other side of the fjord. In the old times when phones didn't exist, people used to lay down big white bedsheets on their ground to indicate an invitation for a visit. In the other direction our closest neighbours are 4km away, who are Bjørn's cousin John Bjarne and his charming wife Bernadette from the Netherlands. She has become more norwegian than all of us, speaking perfectly the dialect, running, skiing up and down all the mountains and preferring cycling to work and shop instead of driving. So we are one of the small traditional farm families left in Norway, as many of them moved to the USA during the 19th century. We like to say we are stone rich :) T he farm is 1000ha and we own the property from one side of the fjord to the top of 4 mountains all the way on the border to the Sunndal community. So our playground is big and also yours when you are our guest :)

You're welcome to share your energy and ideas with us!

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